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Life, A Bed Of Roses


It was my dream to have a rose garden

And numerous young stalks I gathered

and did upon myself burden

to raise one to my taste.


Step by step, I took my time, no haste

The tilling, the manuring

The planting and the watering

I dutifully watched over my dream

Day and night.


Then each stalk began to develop buds

Little cocoons of green

with tiny tips of red and pink

embedded into tender shoot outs of mock branches

It was like a spell: Success.


Doubled efforts, extra care

Energized Expectance

Transition from bud to bloom

Petals spreading in answer to unheard beckoning

A beautiful world of colours blended so fine

Fragrance amazing caressing my nostrils

All senses sent on a journey of pleasant discoveries

I could stay here – Forever!




I have made a bed and I shall lie

The silky petals shall offer me

Warmth and comfort

The fragrance my food and drink

The beauty for all eternity my joy

Oh! Enough now.

I need some rest – Forget all else.



Reality comes knocking

I toss and turn

One harsh prick after another

The petals betray me

The whistling wind whither and whisk them away

Now thick thorns taunt and torment

Butterflies gone

Spiders with their webs come


Oh! Now what?

Get back to work!



nkem . . .

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