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Leveraging Spoken Word Poetry to solve your business challenges


The challenges CoronaVirus (COVID-19) will pose to businesses is one that the world is yet to witness. There is no template to follow, so you can’t use yesterday’s anointing for today’s miracles, meaning, “you can’t use yesterday’s solutions for today’s problems.”

Most people look, but few see. Thus, they miss out on great opportunities and progress because they rather stick with over used methods of doing business/ things.

If your business doesn’t change strategy, it will struggle to survive this season, and unfortunately, it may go extinct.

People are going to stay home more and consume more content, so content marketing is key. But what kind of content will you present to them to consume and patronize your business?

“If you want to build a marketing asset you need to invest in connection and other non-transferable properties. If people care, you have got a brand.” – Seth Godin.

We can help your business have a reason to stay in people’s faces and dominate attention.

We are story tellers and we tell it in words (www.wordup411ng.com), videos (https://www.youtube.com/user/olulu4eva/videos) and via audio platforms (www.poetreel.com)

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