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Hi love, how are you settling down in camp? Hope you guys are cool. I did not realise this until I got back home after I dropped you off at the military base. I would have loved to tell you face to face, but I’m not sure when next you will be coming home my love, and I’m too excited to keep this to myself. Don’t scream when you read this my love, so read it carefully, I shall write it only once (lol), “I am having our baby!!!”

Just got home after a stressful day, wish you were here to help me rub my feet. Though, I can still see them as I’m just 3 months gone so my belly is not really protruding. I went for a scan today, and guess what? Well, the doctor did say it might be too early to tell, but what the heck, I’m having your son my love. The scan showed our baby is a boy, so now I will have two men in my life. Love you, miss you like crazy.

I hope you are alright my love. I just got off the phone with Fred. He told me that you are a very brave man and he owes you his life. He said you were the leader of the commando unit that rescued him from being a prisoner of war. I know you don’t like writing but please reply this letter because Fred said you went back to get one of your injured unit member as their helicopter came under severe enemy gun fire. Please reply my love, I love you.

The baby kicked today my love, I felt it. The kick was hard and strong; wish you were here to feel it. I’m sure he will grow up as strong as you my love. Passed by some baby shops on my way back from antenatal classes, I bought some babies clothes, nappies, toys and games. But I could not decide on the colour of crib to buy, as I know blue is your favourite colour but I love the pink crib. Well, I will wait for you to come back so we can decide on the colour of crib to buy. When are you coming back my love? Do hurry back dear; I heard making love during pregnancy is exciting, I can’t wait to try it out with you my love, I miss you so so much.

It’s been 4 months since I last heard from you my love, four months since Fred told me about the rescue operation. Nobody is telling me anything anymore, neither have u replied my letters. I saw your commanding officer in church last Sunday, but he pretended not to see me and hurried away as I walked towards him. I tried to run after him, but my belly is now so big I can barely walk. I can’t even see my feet anymore. Wish you were here to rub my feet and back for me. I miss you; please reply when you get this, I love you.

I wore your shirt and cried myself to sleep last night. The apartment, the room, the bed seems so lonely and empty without you. Been playing our wedding videos and looking at the wedding pictures all morning. I miss your touch, your hug, your warmth, your smile, I miss you my love. I can’t drive the car again as my belly is so big, it keeps rubbing against the steering wheel. So I always have to walk down to the bus stop to take a bus to and fro the hospital for my antenatal. My legs are usually swollen when I get back home. Come home my love, me and our baby need you badly, and I do miss you like crazy.

I’m in the hospital waiting to be operated upon. I’m so scared, because I’m one month ahead of my EDD. But the doctor does not want to risk me losing the baby as I fell on my belly when I fainted. Your commanding officer finally told me you never made it back to camp after Fred’s rescue mission, though the pilot of the helicopter was found 3 days ago barely alive in one of the villages. But he is in critical condition and could not really explain what happened to you and the other 3 members of your unit, he just kept saying, “we crashed, pursued for miles by enemy, jump into waterfall, everybody disappeared.” I believe you are still alive and I know you will soon come home to meet me and your son. I know you might not have been getting my letters but I’ve a copy of each one of them and I will read them to you when you come home my love. Please stay alive for me and for your son, I miss you, I love you. Please come back to me.


by Olulu, the King not from Zulu


The British Red Cross launched a creative writing competition to commemorate people across the world who are missing due to situations of violence and armed conflict.

Each year, International Day of the Disappeared (30 August) presents a stark reminder that thousands of families across the world are still unaware of the fate of missing family members.

The International Day of the Disappeared (30 August) commemorates people who have gone missing throughout the world in situations of violence and armed conflict. It’s a reminder that hundreds of thousands of families are unaware of the fate of their loved ones.

The Red Cross works every day to restore family contact between separated family members. And you can help give a voice to the thousands of missing people throughout the world.

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