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Letter to my unborn child by Saint Rhymes


This poem has no title,
It’s a little piece of my musing contained in a letter to my unborn child.


Child, dream.
Dream Big.
Talk Big.
Act Big,
but don’t be Notorious.
Promise Daddy that you wouldn’t puff.
Promise me you wouldn’t live rough.
Promise me you wouldn’t live a life that never has enough
until you get handcuffed or locked in a coffin,
in your early youth
Walk in the steps of me, your Father, make no U-turn
Make me a proud Daddy and i’ll give you the Key to my Show room


Challenges and discouragements will always come,
some to pull you down,
some to make you frown.
Don’t you ever stoop down,
but fly like an Asha
and soar like an Eagle – not Super Eagles.
Waste no time crying
cos’ life is 2-shortz
Faze your future Squarely
and there will be no P.


Realize that your destiny is highly inflammable
so avoid the Burna Boy,
drop the lighter, the drisler and the Ganja
do not Jogodo!
Mary J doesn’t turn Boys 2 Men
it only destroys destinies beyond Remedies
gradually get you addicted, from one pack to 2pac…an so on


My child, who you are in the dark
and who you are in the light
should be identical
don’t be 2-faced or hypocritical.
If you are white, be white.
If you are Blacky, then be Black Face.
Don’t confuse the world like Michael….Jackson


..I am dead serious
that could be dangerous
o! I just rhymed like Busta Rhymes
But I mean what I say
And say what I mean…so
Maintain your Integrity and Identity
Even if you never Sound as rich as the Sultan of Brunne


Learn, especially from the stories of great men.
Learn from the Aye (In Bracket-the Life) of David – Oh when he was young
he was a Whizkid,
Banking of God’s W4 (Will, Way, Wisdom & Wealth).
That’s all you need to become a Sunny King,
You don’t need to wear Ice to become a Prince,
Just Obey my Teachings and you’ll shine like a Solid Star.


Above all, dream in colors
Dreams are powerful
Your dream can take you Beyond seas
This, I know well.
Dreams don’t always make sense
But they make more than 50cents a second
and in a year that will be more than $15million
Therefore, preserve your future,
Believe your dream,
Behave your dream,
Become your dream.


From your Daddy
Saint Rhymes

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