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Let’s talk drama


What is the difference between Uber and your local Taxi?

Technology? Well, maybe.

But both Uber and the local taxi follow the same principle, provide the customer with transportation. The customer is the goal not the technology.

For everything in life, business or not, there is the principle and the drama. The principle is usually overlooked, and what many people see is the drama. In a way, technology brings the drama, or should we say, technology is the drama.

In most religions even in Christianity, (and especially in Africa), most people will recommend you going somewhere to get your miracle. Most of the time, these recommendations are based on the associated drama of getting the miracle, and not the principle of getting a miracle. All you need for a miracle is faith, and not a place.

In business, why do you need content? Why do you do videos? Why do you do adverts? Why take pictures?

One major principle of business is that any business that can’t sell, won’t last. So content, videos, adverts, pictures etc are the drama needed to make the sale. If you follow the drama and not the principle, your business won’t last.

No two businesses are the same, so the same drama can’t work successfully for more than one business per time. But principles don’t change, so never do drama for drama sake. 

What principles are you seeking to adhere to? Are you thinking of copying the drama of your competitors? 

Surely, you know by now you need your own drama. 

Hmmm….perhaps I can help you with the needed drama. 

Let’s talk drama.


Olumide Holloway aka King Olulu

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