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October 2, 2013 at 1:35pm

Deep in thought tonight, so much on my mind

The stars twinkling; heard cricket outside chirping

Emotions running deep, no way i could sleep

This feelings is so strong, it couldn’t be anyway wrong

Enveloped by the sensation yet the mood isn’t right

The atmosphere is tensed, wondering if together our future is bright

As passion unfolds, the decisions we make today determines our stand tomorrow

Getting tickled and turned on, let’s bound ourselves by a common purpose

Driven by a glaring reality of a new birth without sorrow

Please come close, let’s hold hands and reason together

Let’s make love, not just tonight but all day long.


Let’s make love listening to the yearnings of our heart

Looking up into our individual private parts

Our differences shouldn’t divide us

Let’s make love and peace to unite us.

“Fear not” I heard my pastor say

So I put my head on the pew to pray

But I keep wondering why

Why the North is ever hot

Men carrying out activities so dreadfully thought

What they want I still cant phantom

Wanting to split from the molecule like a fuming atom

Wonder if they sing with us this National Anthem

Or they are just comfortable in causing mayhems

Same insurgence in Egypt, Mali, Kenya and Somalia

Al-queda, Al-Shabab, Boko-haram all sounds familiar

I heard their religion is of great peace

Yet they keep shooting and blowing up men at ease

Waging war against the government

But who suffers are the common men and the environment

Children dying, women crying, politicians lying

Whilst we sit back watching and smiling.


Tell this to the sit tight thug in power

Using chemical weapon on his people every hour

And those over ambitious ones, enriching their purse

Running government like a family affair

I heard guns don’t kill people, but people do kill people

Carrying up harms against each other

Forgetting we are brothers, having no reason to shudder

United by one blood, created by one God

Race, colour or Religion shouldn’t be a barrier

Thought the world is now united in carrier.

Let’s make love our watchword

Let’s make love and forget our rifts

Let’s make love today and everyday so sweet

Let’s live in peace and harmony with one another

Not being dogmatic and egocentric with our religion or power

Let’s make love and be one

Remembering we have one God, one heaven and one hell

One life to live and a story at the end to tell

No need ever beating those drums of war

Let’s learn to cease fire and sheath our swords

Let’s hold hands and reason together

Let’s make love with one another.


©Yommy Bishop

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