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Less and more, and everything else in between


When is “less” less?
And when is “less” more?
If careless and useless are less,
Then why is timeless and priceless more?
If you believe less is more
Then you can chose to be fearless,
Why not add to the mix, hopeless and helpless?

When is being “full” more?
And when is being “full” less?
If careful and hopeful is more,
Won’t you also be fearful and pitiful?
Should it not be okay to be “full of yourself?”

Perhaps you feel what I say is senseless and nonsense,
Well maybe.
But please spell senseless and nonsense without sense.
So what’s the difference between being sensible and senseless?
Well, sensible means you have sense, right?
But how do you explain an incomplete “sense” in “sens_ible?”
Meaning your sense is “E”complete until you become senseless.
Which is why if all you do makes sense to everyone,
You just might be a copy cat.
Pray tell,
Who taught cats to copy?
If cats copy, what do dogs do?
Why do models catwalk?
What is wrong if they crabwalk?
Are dogs more stylish than humans?
Or how you explain doggy style?
I am yet to hear about “human style.”

Just in case you think this is a poem,
No, you are wrong.
It is a song,
A song that I want to sing loud and long,
Till down comes the sun
And you join in singing the song.

If you are still wondering about the sense in this piece,
Then you must be sensible.


King Olulu


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