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Last night, I saw death…!!!


Last night,
I saw death
strolling on the sharp edge of a machete.
Looking so disappointed,
Angry at himself that he can’t hurt me.
He saw God’s mark on me.

Death so adamant…
Didn’t leave without a fight–
He bruised me,
Snatched my phone,
My poems,
My music,
And gave me fear to commune with.

Death was two vagabonds,
Holding machetes,
Looking fierce,
Eyes bloodshot,
They took advantage of me,
Trying to take cover.
Amidst the Sango-Poly riot.

They carted away my phone,
When my life was heavier than their intentions.
Death said; “It was a pleasure meeting you, survivor. See you some other time”.
In all, I still have my life. I am safe.
I am more than grateful to God.


Savvy Moboluwaji


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