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Last night I had intercourse


by pHisayo

Last night I had intercourse
I didn’t sleep a wink for the intensity of the affair
Shameless abandon
Heartache wrapped insatiable, desperate jealous limbs all around me
Despair pressed fervent lips on all six of my lips
Last night I slept with both of them
Last night I slept with both of them
This morning I woke up in the arms of despondency
As I got up I looked back at the bed
And tears were drowning sleep on my pillow
So I got naked and for a bath with despair
I left glamorous behind on my dresser
And as I stepped out of our home that is now a house
I pulled survival closer to my breasts
Accountability partner
You left last night,
For a tryst with pride
Selfishness holding on with daintily manicure nails to your left arm
Our last night
Two rogues took your cold place on our bed last night
And this evening I took a long walk with revival
I will have a no holds barred, sweat-inducing session with anger shortly
Another affair with resolution
Belly facing the spiders on our bedroom ceiling
And sleep in the middle of our bed
With resolve!


pHisayo will be live at #WordUpVol9 this Saturday March 21, 2015 from 2pm at TerraKulture, Victoria Island, Lagos. 

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