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Last Night by Osagie Alex


Last night, cool and serene the atmosphere,
Magnificent and radiant the ambiance,
This wasn’t just a moment under the covers,
For the eyes of the world watched till it was all over,

It was more than time spent,
As skill, trickery, passion, determination,
Were often mentioned and came to bear,
Screams and moans all could hear,

Nothing could be hidden,
It was not forbidden,
As it was all for a bid,
To conquer and be champion,
Winner takes all, this was more than football

On that pitch,
I heard voices so sonorous like angels pitch,
Even the blind won’t fall into a ditch,
Permit me, but am not about to preach,

As time passed,
The Old lady couldn’t hold sway anymore,
The combination of MSN,
Too difficult to handle,
Their effect reflected around like a ripple,
At the end, the star shone cause he belonged to light!

100% Jesus, on the headband,
The cameras of the globe,
Stood still as Neymar with no words but action,
Declared the world’s truest brand,
With hands in surrender,
Even with goal previously disallowed,
His heart’s intent was approved by the Father,
So with the last kick of the game,
He got a reason to celebrate over Messi,
100% Jesus, lord have Mercy,

It happened last night,
But that was his life every other night,
He just took the opportunity,
Not for the applause, but for a cause,
To declare his stand, one night, one moment,
7.6 billion saw what happened last night,

But the question is,
If today, Tonight, was your last,
What message would you leave behind,
On your last night

Spoken Word Poetry from #663Academy

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