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Lagos Traffic Jam by Taiwo Kehinde O


Lagos traffic jam, an experience of the beautiful city

The twists and turns of driving skills it unveils

As one’s smartness could be supposed

Exuding the dullness inherent in one


Break lights not smiling at the french kisses

By bumper to bumper drivers

Windscreen frowning at the incessant beats by the rain

But wipers cooking beats to the sonorous fall of raindrops


As long as a train a stretch of cars seem

But without a railway track, the difference lies

Potholes being a hitch to the flow of traffic

A witch to the shocks of your car it seeks


Having your shocks to go under the knife crying

But making your mechanic smile to the Bank

With a fatter account by the matter

Not caused by the latter



Early you leave your home moving at snail speed

And reaching your destination later than snails

Like a Formula 1 competition made for snails

Late you arrive your destination


Cars stay still as a tree for hours,

A three minute journey might be made three hours

The thought of geometric progression the traffic builds

Building one’s hatred for mathematics

But love for one’s favourite songs

While creating a traffic on the playlist





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