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Heard drums rolling in the land
Citizens watching, clapping their hands
Here again, the season of winners
After ballot snatching by followers, thugs and killers
They got into power whichever way
By hook or crook, they just must have their say
No permanent friend, but permanent interest
Oh Lord, save us from this arrant nonsense.

Democrats or Kleptocrats
I wonder who these people really are
They roll out crazy agendas and show off like a movie star
With their Agbadas and Babariga
A gown sewn without honour, integrity and principles
Adorned with a crown that lacks Godly pinnacle.
Elected into office to make policies
But it’s all about themselves and social groceries
The thought of the people is never on their mind
Common priorities gladly pushed behind
They gang up to steal our common wealth
They act aloof with no common sense
Carrying out white Elephant capital projects
Just to siphon from our treasuries
They are elicit thieves, whom enough can never be enough
They are kleptocrats that must be instantly stopped.

Technocrats or Kleptocrats
I’m still wondering who they really are
Appointed ministers, advisers and commissioners
But they won’t stop cutting dubious corners.
They fly around in private jets and ride expensive cars
Leaving our roads in colossal tatters
Living in houses only cool money can buy
They are mostly thieves living in disguise
Always in Abuja, putting their hands in the cookie jar
Their certificates mostly made in Harvard
But to our economy they causing hazard
They act as if they are goal getters
Eloquent, resourceful and pacesetters
But look deeply, they are all quiet noise makers.
They bring ideas from the western world
Giving their ignorant masters reasons to borrow more
Yet they never implement a thing
They only complement a bigger thief.

Technocrats’ awol, kleptocrats aloof
Seeing public office as a place of awoof
Common front unison to steal and loot
Yet, up in the north, all we hear is “boom”.

YommyBishop………Dec 2015©

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