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King of the Jungle



I had seen enough of his kind to know who he is.

He paced back and forth

while I stood and watched.

My presence he ignored for a while

then he turned and looked at me.

Eyeball to eyeball we stared at each other

and I could see myself in him.

Here he was locked up in cage,

the King of the jungle

and all he had is a 12 feet by 12 feet space to rule over.

Power and might showed with every step,

but all was made redundant by the cage.



Many of us are like a Lion in the cage.

We want to roam free,

we want to rule our world

but each and every day we have to wake up and go to work.

There is no harm in going to work,

but the work is most times what we don’t want to do

instead of something we love to do,

Go to work we must

cos the family must be fed and the bills must be paid.

We pace the office floor with ideas in our head,

but our power and might are restricted to the confines of the “cage” we call an office.

So we go back and forth,

Like a Lion in the cage.

King of the Jungle,

but a King without a Jungle.



Olulu, the King of the Jungle not in Zulu.

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