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I’ve never been to places I’ve never been,
I’ve never seen things I’ve never seen.
I’ve never had a kiss
when I wasn’t one of the kissers;
I’ve never exumed my rage
when I wasn’t one of the pissers.
If there’s any God,
He’s not in you, me or abroad,
He’s in that little space in-between,
In that abstract love that can’t be seen.
Love isn’t the result of loving,
Love is the resolve after attempting.
Love isn’t necessarily a collaboration,
Love is the sway away from self-preservation.
Love isn’t a movie that can’t be ended,
It’s a living being that should be tended.
Love tries, cries and flies,
Love testifies against lies before it dies.
The life of life is love,
The love of love is the Love from above.
I’m not proud about my love for thee,
I’m proud of thine love for me.
Insanity doesn’t cure insanity,
But sanity sanitizes insanity.
Forget Eritrea, no one for three,
Let my smiles decrypt the coded one-four-three.
When I’m average, you know what I mean,
Just be my headmistress and I’ll be your dean.
No one for three,
Just one-four-three.

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