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Jolly ride by Aizojie Nancy


Strong arms grip her against her will

Roving fingers strip her clothes off against her wish

Randy hands molest her without consent

Whilst she craves the embrace of the night to shield her dignity

But guess this isn’t her night.

Sprawled and gagged she lay defeated as men without faces

suck the life from her body,

filthy words assault her ears

mocking the body that now seem alien to her

but each has his style, so what’s the hurry

afterall, it’s a popular saying, the more the merry

and so on this merry go round she goes…some ride too slow, some much too fast

leaving her winded, she lost count of how many round she’s done

Now if only retribution was something she could cash out

rather closing her eyes, praying she could tap out

and bring an end to the rehearsal so she’d wash the stench that clung off.

Oh! She washed it off alright…the stench I mean

if you count the petrol being poured on her as water and

the match as soap to scrub the marks left off

like wood for a bon fire, she is set ablaze and her captors dance round in glee

knowing they will walk away free

with none the wiser.

Silently contemplating the insurgency of their act

and conferring on themselves the title of Zoro

placed to rid the earth of a girl that now looks sculpted from ash

dressed to torment their eyes…with certainty! She was an ashi

well… that’s the line they will stick to till hell freezes over

at least for now, everything looks kosher

their deed hidden but soon the chicken will come home to roost

or maybe …I just have too much faith in fate?



Aizojie Nancy

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