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Jay Speaks – If Nigeria was a book #WarOfWords7 #WOWNaija



Growing up, most of us still remember those epic childhood stories read to us from books we would give anything to get a grasp, of but I tell you if Nigeria was book it’s contents would be a messed up tale with no happy endings locked away in oblivion beyond the reach of children.
I’m sure its publisher must have known, reason why he rapped it with an attractive cover glamorous enough to lure its reader only having to find out that if Nigeria was a book it’ll be nothing but a kaleidoscope full of errors, yes a beautiful nonsense, shaped in art but its contents tainted in corruption, poor leadership tips, power lust, painfully written on the blood and sweat of its heroes past having to surmount to nothing. The truth be told if Nigeria was a book, it will be a perfect example to the nations of what a country shouldn’t look like. They say those who fail to learn from history tend to repeat it. Well dear leaders of neighboring nation, the Nigerian history is one failed system you must learn from just so you wouldn’t shake hands your doom.
But you see I know it easy to address this theme from the negative point of view automatically blinding ourselves from the fact that as a story is nothing without characters so is Nigeria not a nation without its people. Beyond the dim past and nebulous future, I see a great Nigerian story far off from the horizon.. A story worthy to be write by the patriotic, those who dare to challenge rigid systems and breaking the status quo. Listen you are an integral part of the Nigerian tale that will be told for ages yet untold so I dare you to pick a side today; you’re either an activist or a passivist but shame on you if you remain on the fence, cos like jumpy dumpty, that wall is crumble with you on it fading away into nothingness. So this is our story, come on, let’s make it an epic one too indelible to be forgotten. Hey! Don’t you dare stop writing until the pens are all up. Ciao


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