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Jailbirds by Ojeh Chukwuemeka || Spoken Word Poetry


Page “flaps” take us where Angels can’t
When “feathers’re” scant, the “quill” grants us flight,
In a direction, where all thats “left” is what we “write”
“Letters” like caterpillars cocooned in thought bubbles,
“shuffle” like “scrabble tiles”, and “spell” trouble, when they fail to morph into the butterflies we call words,
Then, we neglect to express ourselves, as it were
Being that our words are just “prisoners” in a “sentence”,
As are we, no pun intended
Label me a “jailbird” for the fact that I spend time in and out of brain “cells”,
“Incarcerated” “citizen” in my own “state” of mind, the pen is my only “bail”
We’re all “actors” for the fact that we go through different “stages” in life,
And I’ve made it through a few, despite the strife
At a time, I had bottled up emotions that could’ve passed for cheap liquor if I ever found someone broken enough to buy
A “black” boy “blue”, “coloured” a prude by society
Peer pressure inspired me along the lines of pills and other highs,
In a bid to feel “cool”, but “aye, see” (A.C.), “it didn’t work”
So I took the “heat”, and criticism, with all the slurrs
But didn’t “sweat it”, cuz with time I started to get it,
Society was a pair of jeans, I just couldn’t fit in, for me that was grim
So I looked elsewhere and found solace in a quote,
Decidedly chose to tell it to a pen and a note
“You can’t bring us down if you can’t reach us, a little lesson the stars tacitly teach us”
As these words rested on the lines; “broken”, I picked up my “pieces”, and made a “mosaic” with this new “peace” of mind
Poetry saved my life, once upon a time
I’dve never known if I never tried, I didn’t need a thousand feathers to fly
Just one, a single quill to will all the weight that tied me down,
Cuz now I’ve found, there’s no flight without faith… the leap before the fall,
Words give us wings and make angels of us all.


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