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Its that time again by Osagie Alex (October 1st)


Its that time again by Osagie Alex

Its that time of the year again,
Another of those public holiday’s,
As we look back to where we have been,
Where we are and where we are going to,
It suffice to say,
We don’t really know

Another day we celebrate birth,
But it essence there are just so many deaths,
Money laundry or arms deal in private jets,
Election 2015 is what’s next,

In a nation where everything becomes trendy,
Even national disasters are seen as comedy,
From Boko to Chibok, now it is Ebola,
Hand sanitizer the prescription,
In truth our brains need to be standrdized

I say nothing about them in office,
Cause they control the police,
Just incase you haven’t noticed,
The innocent seldom get justice,
Nevertheless I will speak out and wont hold me peace,
Cause one day we all end six feet.

But I will never cease to laugh,
At this whole chirade and circus,
We have become a laughing stoke and a big joke,
As we wrap ourselves with the big cloak Green White Green,

Our movie industry had the best opportunity,
To ingrain culture and values,
But never did,
Instead corrupted the young minds and set the wrong standards,
Now the same actors and actress,
Want to continue in politics,
Same people, new tricks,
We will no more watch them in the cinemas,
But in our political arena,
A pitiable bismal dismal

But hey, let’s not forget its our day,
We looked forward to in the 60’s,
Thinking we were due to rule,
Our Achilles hill was freedom,
Corruption our trojan horse,
Just like a thorn is attached to a rose,
I still believe in hope

Hope for a country,
Not because we have an anthem,
Cause I doubt if we ever understood the lyrics,
Hope because God has an agenda for Nigeria in Africa,
That will be the only reason we are still one after all we have experienced,
Again we mark another year,

But before you say independence,
Think again,
Cause we are pivotally dependent.
That’s my simple opinion,
Its not subject to your analysis or agreement,
So save your comment.

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