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“It Took Ur Passing Away”


Through those tiny eyes

too young to understand

Mirroring smacks and spanks

As a wicked show of parenthood

How was I to understand it was pure love?


Tell a lie, a whip you beckon

Ignore the chores, a quick one to the cheek

For the many pranks, the pulpitless sermon

Constant the checks that never checked

Young adventurous mind that curiosity spared

Though the head, out of luck, was never spared the knocks


Through seven years, I have rolled the tape

Reminiscing the good times I seem to have ignored

Vividly remembering the laughter, the fun and the cheer that was you

In seven years, I have grown

Gaining more strength, wisdom and independence

Never losing sight of the controlled freedom that has guided me thus far

For these seven years, I have had cause to wish you had stayed longer

Realizing what joy lies in having a loving father

One who knew sacrifices surely pays off


I ask myself: did it have to take your passing away to realize all you did for love of me?

I have been foolish


Now, your presence I see not but strongly sense

Your charming smile I visualize

I unconsciously feel your many embraces

Your expressions of love, I hold dear to my heart

And the indelible legacy worth upholding.


I miss you, Dad. Really!

Wish you were here to see this little girl all grown.

Nkem . . .

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