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Invest in Education? Who cares?


The truth can be hard to swallow

cause the pill is bigger than that of Panadol,
Yes i know
like Graciano
that this is not malaria but investment.
So save me your comment
cause I know what I meant
when I said
the truth can be hard to swallow

It’s about that time when our printed thumbs
will stain ballot papers,
papers that holds the key to the control of national power.
So let us run to those in power,
and tell them our schools are nothing but an abandon tower.
Tell them
cockroaches are now the occupant of books in the library
cause it has been destroyed beyond repair
yet they have no intention to relieve of it despair.
Tell them
due to unpaid salaries and poor remuneration the prestige of the teaching profession has been made to look like a sinner’s confession
filthy, dirty and unworthy.
Investing in education now looks like bad business.
You think I’m lying?
Let’s look at this statistics
Big Brother Africa N48million,
Cowbell Mathematics Competition N100,000.00.
MTN Project Fame N7.5million
Lagos State Spelling Bee N50,000.00.
Maltina Dance All N10million,
School Scrabble Competition N25,000.00.
Nigerian Idol N5million,
War Of Words (Slam Poetry)…..
Oh! I better keep my words
before this painful truth erupts to War Of Words,
followed by grenade of fists thrown at me.
For they accept not the truth that their
non-educational interest has become their only investment,
forgetting that an investment in a country’s education pays the best interest.

I told you the truth can be hard to swallow
so choke on this message you MESSed-age
cause democracy we no longer see
but corruptocracy.
So I stand solo
not to stoop so low
to tell you
our graduate now have a job in the unemployment line.
This is not a lie
a BSC holder is now a
Bus Service Conductor
read between the lines,
and tell me if I lie.

Our school constitution favour those who have come-to-steal-tuition fee,

and not to improve the system
making the purpose of education gradually slip away.
Most Students now get high on weed not high on book
cause the government fail to provide enough books
to make them understand that weed is not what they need.
I believe if this issue is not addressed urgently
and investing in education is not taking seriously
then our leaders of tomorrow
will be robbers of tomorrow
on the highway pointing a gun at your head
demanding for your hard earned money or worst of all, your life

Are we pretending not to know the amount of money flowing like a menstrual period in their swiss account?
For their unborn children?
This is absurd
confusing like the mathematics topic Surd.
Please let us talk
cause if we don’t
illiteracy will become our children school leaving certificate certified by our supposed wisdom
in not demanding for education be made the foundation stone of the country.

I told you the truth can be hard to swallow
So choke on this
Cause the pill is bigger than that of Panadol


Written and performed at War Of Words Season 4 Slam Poetry Competition

by Paul Word (Winner of War Of Words 4). 

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