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Intermission….(as it happened on Easter Sunday over 2000 years ago).


Christ died and because he bore our sins He went to hell. The devil was right about that but what he did not count on was what would happen when Christ got to hell. You see up to a second after Christ died the devil thought he was smarter than God but as soon as Christ entered hell well let’s just say  ‘all hell was let loose on hell’.

The angels who up onto the last moment had their heads bowed in pain, which the demons had mocked’ were suddenly the ones laughing. Oh boy did they laugh. But before they laughed they fought. The devil thought he could claim Christ just as he claimed so many men of faith.  Remember the righteous people who rose up and went about preaching after the death of Christ there was a battle for them.

When Christ descended, the circle and the multitude went with him ready to fight for their King with a determination to turn hell into heaven if need be. Imagine their happy surprise when Christ declared “Lucifer I have come for the souls of the righteous you have kept trapped in Sheol.” “What do you mean u have come for? You are a dead sinner now remember?” Retorted the devil “Lucifer the sad thing about you is you never learn. I am God. I know the end from the beginning,” Christ declared.  “Did you really think you can blindside me?” He asked? His glory fully restored He shined brighter than the sun. His glory brought light even to the darkest places in hell. At that moment, understanding came upon the multitudes of angels and they began to laugh with relief, joy and respect for the Ancient of days.

“What is so funny to you all?” Asked Lucifer. “Answer me!!” He bellowed when no one seemed inclined to answer.

“Poor Lucifer” said Michael,” You were never the smartest were you? Then again if you were you won’t have dared God. This is what happened. Christ was sent to die from the beginning. He is the sacrifice for sin. You know God can’t behold sin; there was only 1 way to get the sins of the world heaped on Christ. Make you believe this was your ultimate play. Make you think you could win this battle by keeping you ignorant of the details. A righteoues man can’t enter hell. Christ needed the sins for two reasons to come and set these ones you held captive free and ensure that anyone who calls on Jesus Christ would be set free even the generations to come. So you see you never stood a chance.”

“No!!!!” Screamed the devil “No. Not possible!” As he screamed the demons that had not being paying attention turn to see what was wrong.

“Why is he so upset on our victory day?” Verflucht asked Elend who was beside him. “How would I know? Are we not here together?” Elend and Nutzlos responded eyeing Verflucht. “I won’t allow this I would fight this!” Shouted devil.

“O my please do” said Dinami “I was hoping you would say that” said angel Chará another member of the circle.

And so swords were drawn and the angels who were laughing just a few minutes ago looked menacing enough to kill just with a look. This definitely sent some demons running to different hiding places.

“Stay your swords!” ordered Christ “Give me the righteous they are all I came here for.” Christ said.

“You can’t have them” stammered devil “they have sinned. And the blood of goats and cows can’t purify them.”

“Yes they have but I have been wounded for their sins, bruised for their iniquities and the chastisement for their peace has been laid upon me. I have purified them with my blood. They are not yours anymore.”

As Jesus Christ spoke those words the chains that bound the righteous fell away. And they began to go to earth and preach the gospel.

“Apollyon, who is on the winning side now?” Asked angel Próodos.

The demons began to wail and mourn throwing themselves into the fire. All of them trying to avoid the devil and realizing that they would never win. No matter what they do they could never win God and now that God has given mankind Jesus Christ any man that trust in Him would be saved.

All the while this was happening in hell, the angels who had stayed in heaven with God laid prostrate before the Jehovah worshiping as the events began to unfold and their understanding was opened. God sat on his throne smiling with pride at his son and laughing as the angels taunted the demons. It was a happy day in heaven and if only mankind had been aware of what was happening, it would have a day of celebration as well.

So as we move from Good Friday to Easter, let us remember that the Saturday in between was not left empty we might not have named it but on this day too God was ensuring a space for those who walk in the path He has laid before them.


Dupe Holloway

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