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Of what name should that be called?
Liquid Lucky Leosmart substance dancing to drill fluidity
On a white linen plate to give the blind muse a sight of reality
The nightingale behind the calmness of spinning heart beat
Preaching solace in the choice of dictions to stand million defeats.

Of what name should that be called?
Mystic microphone to the virgin words being carved in the closet
As poets pluck words on ‘poe-tree’ amidst trees in creativity forest
Seeing unskeptical tomorrow in today’s figureheads’ saggy breast
And clothes the nudity with a sonorous serenade of satirical vest.

Of what name should that be called?
Sword takes to its heel at a single glimpse of this colorful liquid figure
The soul that holds tomorrow as it revolves around with rhythmical savor
If the pen and paper is seized, who dares silence the gift of the saviour?
Even the fingers cuddling around the pen fist not, but feast for fluid freedom.

Of what name should that be called?
Right to write right writings amidst thorns of faithfulness without waging war
Right to right wrongs trending tenaciously in the coven continental corridor
Right to write wrong writing and hide under the umbrella of licensed splendour
Right to right right writings with enthusiasm across the dexterity of
the author.

Of what name should that be called?
If not Exodus, Independence or Freedom.



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