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In this Animal Farm….


My friend, Kenn Amaechi Jr., said it’s the ravenous Wolf versus the Wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Not sure anything is hidden right now, so I think it’s the Wolf versus the Bear.

Wolf – dangerous, desperate, fast and cunning.

Bear – big, powerful, (not as fast as the wolf so can be termed) clumsy, and labourious.

The Alpha Wolf is regarded as the leader of his pack which can number from 5 to 100. But it will take 10 or more Wolves to take out one Bear. So the odds favours the Bear. 

However, difficult does not mean impossible.

But does this Animal Farm need a Wolf or a Bear in charge?

Personally, I think it needs a Lion.

Lion – bold, daring, strong, and strategic (e.g. a pride of Lion have been known to take down animals twice their size and weight e.g. Buffaloes, Giraffes, and in rare cases, Elephants).

But does the farm have a Lion or Lions???

Hmm, there are young Lions, not full grown ones. But these young Lions don’t have their own pride aka resources/ manpower, and thus have to hunt on their own. The old Lions appear toothless or uninterested.

Different scenarios can play out in this Animal Farm, and one possibility is that the Wolf and the Bear can take out each other, giving room for a Lion to make a grab of the mantle.

Crazy thing is that, some Lions are crazier 🤣🤣🤣🤣, but rather a Lion than a desperate Wolf or a clumsy Bear, huh???

Well, whatever happens in this Animal Farm, Las Las,we go be alright!!!

Olumide Holloway aka King Olulu, who watches too much Nat Geo Wild.


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