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It all started like a lone seed,
Sown into the soil of time,
Buried deep in the dirt;
shut out of the bright world.

Smeared in darkness and murk,
Wished she hadn’t been left
to suffer the heat, wetness
and lies the wind whispered.

She had lost count of the clocks steps,
Lost count of Serenity’s journey,
Lost count of beaks digging out her future,
but she’s hopeful; spreading, deeply rooted.

She saw via the piercing eye of the storm,
telling her to make haste in the flowing tide,
To sprout like a tree that falls in love with the wind,
The wind that howled her name from the outer core.

The core that challenged her sprout
in a world filled with blackness and sore,
She scored timeless goals;
sprouting through the hard soil.

Charmed by the beauty of nature,
she began to love,
Loving the she moment she was cast in the dark
to someday blossom and grow stronger.

Expressing her love in this moribund world,
Willing to bear fruits that will house seeds,
Seeds that will one day be cast in the dark soil;
reproducing more brave seeds; fecund.

Never wilting to becoming second,
She’s one seed that saw her future,
in the eye of the storm;
Strong, willing and gracefully forgiving
all that buried her without permission
in this loveless world of obscurity.

Written by:
Edwina ‘Neofloetry’ Aleme ©

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