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Bright and Wonderful
He lived a life so fruitful
Handsome and Talented
With dreadlocks so beautiful
A voice in Zion, full of life
Spirituality with a freedom to fight
Fighting our freedom from the Babylonian Kingdom
A great Soldier full of great wisdom.

He preached from the plain to the mountain top
His voice was heard as a prophet calling in the wilderness non-stop
Africa-Unite, he joined in the redemption song
Calling for the liberation of the black race
Praying for our deliverance from the devils cage
He fought selflessly like a real soldier
But nobody ever watched his back
Nobody help watch over his shoulder.

A little patience, I heard him say
Let mankind all walk in a Godly way
But he himself failed the life’s holy test
Dared the tempter, walked with him abreast
Dinned with the devil with the shortest spoon
Sipped from a cup made with an evil tool
Enveloped by the world, depression kicked him against the wall
Now he walk round trapped and demented
Seeking refuge in Babylon where he detested.

I pray God should again send down the rain
To wash away this soldiers fearful pain
Please send down Thunder and Fire
To set him up with a brand new desire
Give him power and strength for this new age
Open to this Soldier a fresh new page
Break his shackles and set him loose
Send Angels to set him Free and see him through
Bring Majek Fashek back on life’s stage
Lord deliver this prophet from the devils cage.


(Mystery of a Legend……..The Rain Maker)

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