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I’m your new boyfriend


Hello, my name is Femi, I’m your new boyfriend.

She looked up and smiled.
What happened to the old boyfriend?

It was about time you got an upgrade.

Ok, boyfriend, do you come customized?

Yes, to every need.

And what do I need right now.

Gala…merci, I meant, Gelato and you don’t need to say merci.

She smiled brightly.
I like you already.

He smiled back.
But there was a little information that was not loaded into my software.

Which is?

The name that matches your beautiful self.

Well, boyfriend…your upgrade might not be an upgrade after all.

It is just a tiny bug, I’m sure you can easily help de-bug.

Why should I?

(To be continued…)

King Olulu, who likes Kunu

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