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I’m a prisoner


I’m a prisoner
head bowed hands chained
guilt in my heart
my legs can hardly move !

I’m a prisoner
my eyes reflects shame
stared at with ignominy from the society, my eyes holds no beauty for justice.

I’m a prisoner
through the barred window of my lonely cell I take a look at the beautiful world that eludes me, my heart breaks !

I’m a prisoner
Oh yes ! I’m a prisoner in a world that has lost its sanity to bloodshed and her eyes holds no remorse to shed tears !

I’m a prisoner
I long to be free and soar on the wings of hope.
But alas! Even hope dreads to dream of freedom !

I’m a prisoner
the world disgusts me and my wits fail me .
Left alone i remain bound in this spheral home known as my prison till the day I die!



Etisioro Israel

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