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IFE MI (my love)


(Dedicated to my unknown wife)

I crave
To be held in your hands
To be buried in your arms

I crave
To be drowned in your love
To united in a clove

I crave
To stay with you all days
To go with you even hades

I crave
For you to carry my seeds
For you to tarry alone
with me

I crave
Even if beguiled by you,
I’d be a fool for your love

I crave
For nothing else but you
Of all my desires, I high-rate you

Let me be
Your shouldering to lean on
The voice to speak for you

Let me be
The father of your unborn
The reason you want to live

Let me be
Your source of joy
Your strength in toil

Let me be
The smile on your lips
The mirror you would look into

Let me be
The only one you seek
The only one you crave for

Let me be
The pleasure you treasure
The source that fills your purse

Let me be
That man who will walk you down the aisle
That man you ever wanted

Let me be
The one that cuddles you when cold pricks your pore
The one that wraps you when darkness defeat light.

(c) Psalm A Praise 2015

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