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If there is one regret I have…


I don’t regret many things on life, cos I learnt earlier enough to take action aka just do it, if and when my mind is restless. So I would rather regret what I did than have regrets on what I didn’t do but wished I did.

But is being restless a basis to determine when to take action?
Well, the little I have read from the greatest bestseller of all time has a line in it that says, “…..and when you get restless, you will break the yoke.”

I digress.
Let’s go back to regrets.

If there is one regret I have, it would be that I did not get into the marketing team/ department when I was still a bank worker.

Do I love marketing that much?
Truth be told, when I was a bank worker, I was scared of marketing. Now that I’m a full time poet, I love it.
So why the little regret if I was actually scared of it before?
Well, if I had done marketing then, it would have shortened my journey now. I would have learnt on the job and still be paid for it.

Last year (2019) I paid over 30k for a two day marketing conference organised by Sales Ruby. There is another one this year, and I’m thinking of attending it.

As a poet, marketing is key.
I see most poets waiting to be picked/ selected, hoping someone will spot them from the crowd. But how can they be spotted, when all they are doing is the same thing the crowd is doing?

Waiting to be selected will make you a broke poet.

However, Pastor Sam Adeyemi says, “no one is broke or poor, you only have nothing of value to give in the place of exchange (aka market).”

Jim Rohn once said, come (to the market) with your seeds and not with your needs.

Seth Godin – if you can’t succeed in the small, why do you believe you will succeed in the large?

What am I trying to say?
It’s simple, two things:
1) Create/ develop something of value.
2) Approach the market and sell it.

And let me add, you won’t know if what you created/developed has value or not, until someone pays for it. So until someone pays for it, you might need to keep innovating , modifying, creating and developing.

Every poet has content online.
Thus, what will stand you out is not just your content. There must be something different or something extra that you add to your content, and you need to know how to market thyself.

Don’t continue to wait to be selected, market yourself to those waiting and you can become the one who selects.

Olumide Holloway aka King Olulu not from Zulu.

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