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If only she knows that when she calls me “Paul”,
A gushing sensation escalates through my skull.
If only she knows that her voice will outmatch a thousand orchestras causing vendetta,
That her body is the work of a flawless Designer.
If only she knew what she did when she danced Panda,
If only she knew.

If only she knows
that I wish to count her every breath while the moon tells tales to the stars,
That her single touch makes me forget painful scars,
That Guinness strokes of records were engraved on her palms,
That my love is countless
and in her every flaws, I count less.
If only she knows.

If only she knows that dreams come to reality with her,
That she is a beauty by far not a beauty from afar,
That my dreams came to reality when our lips spoke in French,
That this burning desire hopes not to quench,
If only she knows that other ladies beauties are just stench.
If only she knows that my heart is a loving mall and the door is closed.

Written by Fr33zinPaul©

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