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If Nigeria was a book, who would be its author?

Would it be the colonialists who titled the book? Called the first chapter slavery and filled it with terror,

Or would it be the nationalists who fought tooth and nail to free Nigeria from her foreign oppressors only to get corrupted by the power and plunge the country into neocolonial horror.

Would it be the military who usurped the democracy claiming to be liberators? They who wrote the third chapter in blood and tears and titled it fear.

Would it be the post military politicians who inherited an autocracy though voted in decided to retain that autocracy making Nigeria the world’s only autocratic democracy.

Would it be the wealthy minority whose influence spreads far beyond the shores of Africa they who have been a part of our every page our every chapter.

Or the poor majority who have no identities other than their simplistic economies and their high rate of illiteracy.

Could it be our various ethnicities and their never ending claim, of superiority they who filled the pages of our prologue and will definitely have a line in our epilogue.

Could it be our religious leaders who have weaved a plot of fanaticism. they who themed our book the folly of extremism.

Could it be our older generation who has gotten used to Nigeria’s situation they do not clamor for change they do not seek revolution, they are simply satisfied with our situation.

Or the younger generation who has lost faith in our great nation.They who seek change yet follow the path of our old sages.

If Nigeria was a book, I would be its author, you would be its author young or old rich or poor hausa yoruba igbo irobo whoever identifies as Nigerian co-authors Nigeria.

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