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If Nigeria is a book by Toby Penpriest #WarOfWords7 #WOWNaija


If nigeria was a book I won’t dare read these pages

written with a broken pen,filled with blood

pain suffering tears,death surrounds each chapter

it’s getting darker as I flip through this book

hundreds getting slaughtered because a couple of animals went missing its sick

saying they took our cows it’s clear this people

wanted beef

screams of fear wandering through the villages embracing each home

days feeling cold a little boy wakes up in the night when stars become stones

it was like a dragon breath came upon where he called his own

If Nigeria was a book it will be tankers exploding

The masses not knowing if there are still chances in hoping..

Leaders leading people into ashes that’s broken..

the heat wave that came out from those flames felt like they let Satan through

Ironic,these are strongs words from a lazy youth

crime is something they almost made me do

don’t hate me too,am as plain as the wright brothers creation

if nigeria was a book the people should share half the blame

how do we take different part when the road the same

cyber crime we break down more system than computer virus

we no longer use guns bullets come out our tongues

embracing our wrongs like our broken pride

Nigeria is country with a big heart but hole inside

corruption is what this country is best known for

like fighting under the rain it’s a cold war

politicians rather feed their pocket than the masses

churches are now collecting taxes

forgetting what their task is

these pastor can’t this past us

I hope this enlightened minds

cus our police officers are now fighting for fifty naira instead of fighting crime

tribalism,it’s eating deep in our system,giving us the wrong description

breaking us all the way down like long division

Biafra is rising but misguided

crazy how they think the only way to stand is being divided

Hausa don’t mix with igbo

most tribes look at fulani as evil people

why wouldn’t we

you telling me animals are equivalent to human life’s

you telling me you will sleep comfortably with the voices of ghost screeching in your ears at night

are you telling me fear should be our umbrella as our people blood cover the skies

I could go on,crime,religion but there are still empty blankets pages that inks have not yet layed upon

we are walking pencils sharpened never to be broken

we are hidden stars that the skies have been waiting to unfold

we tales under the moonlight meant to be passed around flaming sticks when it’s dark

we are stories untold

we are the uprising of the sun at night time

if nigeria was a book there is hope because our story hasn’t been written

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