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If I had a million dollars to spend on poetry for a year…….


In January:

We would start the publicity for War Of Words Africa (Poetry Slam Competition), and entries would be via video submission through one of the following: Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. The theme of the competition can either be:

1. Around a company’s brand e.g. Words give you wings (Redbull), Made of Words (Guinness), With Words We Glow (Globacom), Just Say it (NIKE), Keep Talking (Johnnie Walker) etc.

2. Around a Social Cause: Trade not in Punch be a Guardian, Halt Hatred Learn Love, Poets Preach Peace, Words should heal not hurt etc.

3. Around a product or a service.

In February:

Video Submission starts till end of the month.

In March:

Best 100 video submission are invited for auditions and 40 poets are chosen.

In April to May:

The 40 poets face off every weekend and elimination is via Judges (i.e. professional poets and celebrity judges) and online/ offline voting. The winner from the top 3 poets is decided by votes.

In June:

The top 3 poets and other poets go on a campus tour of some Universities in Nigeria namely: University of Ibadan, Obafemi Awolowo University, University of Benin, Delta State University, University of Calabar, University of Port Harcourt, University of Jos, University of Ilorin etc.

In July:

The top 3 poets and other poets go on a tour of poetry circuits in Ghana, Kenya, Namibia, and South Africa.

In August:

We will have “Word Up Poetry Fiesta” – a 3 day event which will run from Friday to Sunday. Day one will be an open mic event, day two will be seminars and lectures on branding, poetry performance, event management, entrepreneurship etc. Day 3 will be a concert which will feature the top 3 poets from the slam, celebrity poets, established poets, soul singers and 2 world renowned guest poets.

In September:

We will organise an invitational poetry slam competition and invite top slam poets from UK and/ or USA, to face off against the top slam poets from War Of Words Africa.

In October:

We will organise a poetry slam competition for Secondary Schools in Nigeria.

In November:

We rest awhile and look up on the latest happening in other art forms that we can integrate in our events.

In December:

We will have open mic events every Saturday/ Sunday evening in different parts of Lagos State and in other States.

All Year Long:

We will have Poetry TV and Radio shows, poetry training sessions, sale of poetry merchandise during and after the major poetry events, develop and allow free download of app(s) for poetry lovers to watch and listen to poetry on their mobile devices, as well as, upload their own poetry performances.

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