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If a Lion need 3Cs, you need it too by Olumide Holloway


Tonight we shall revisit the Lion and talk about the 3Cs and the 3Rs.

Are you ready? Oya, let’s get it on.

In a pride of Lions aka group of Lions, the male son(s) is more like a glorified tenant. There is no house, company or assets to inherit. The assets are the Lionesses and the location the pride lives and hunts in.

He is like matter that occupies space, yet his position at the “BOD” meeting does not count. Like an employee, he is there to follow rules, his initiative is usually unappreciated. Sometimes that initiative gets him a query (slaps and bites) from the Lion King aka His Father alias MD.

The Lion King came into power riding on blood and death. His reign can only end with his death. There is no stepping aside and it is not a democracy, also weakness is not something that can or must be shown outwardly, except and perhaps with his queen(s).

The glorified tenant aka young male Lion(s), only has a year or a maximum of two to enjoy the luxury of belonging to pride. Once he begins to show signs of sexual maturity, he is kicked out by his father, the Lion King.

The right to mate is earned by blood and death, it is never given, it is taken. The right to mate is what we call power, aka market/ industry leader. You earn it, you don’t inherit.

If the glorified tenant refuses to go, then he ends up dead. There can’t be two Kings ruling one kingdom. And based on assassination history, the son is no match for his father. If bets are placed, the odds are against the son, 100 to 0, cos 10 out of 10 fights, he dies.ย 

When the young Lion is kicked out of the pride, he is like a sacked employee or a start up business. If the young Lion is wise, he would have been participating in the hunt while he was in the pride. Such a Lion would be like an employee with a side hustle, cos he would have hunting skills aka business experience.

Like every new business, the Young Lion faces two key challenges. These are:

1. Obscurity: people (i.e. customers) don’t know you exist.

2. Not top of mind, people (i.e. customers) know you exist, but you are an after thought, you are not considered top 10 or even top 50.

How do you overcome obscurity and stay top of mind? Overcoming these challenges will give the 3Rs. But first, you need the utilize the 3Cs to get the 3Rsย ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜.

What are the 3Rs and 3Cs?

Don’t worry, I will simplify it for you. You know I will do you right, right? After all, that’s why you are reading this, right?

The 3Rs are:
1. Recognition (reputation, brand equity).
2. Reward (profit, inflow, business growth, revenue generation).
3. Recommendation (Referrals, word of mouth, increased customer base, viral content).

The young Lion goes into exile and will remain so until he is able to find and take over a pride aka market share. Thus, he needs to grow mentally (learn to stalk/ambush prey) aka strategy and tactics and physically (take down and kill prey) aka skills. He needs to find strategic partners to align with his vision. Also, he needs to stay alive (i.e. keep business afloat) by avoiding Lion Kings of other prides (i.e. debts, lack of liquidity, fraudsters, bad decisions).

If the young Lion is lucky, he won’t be the only male Lion chased out by his father. Thus, if wise he will quickly form a strategic alliance with his brothers.

Two are better than one…..and a threefold cord is not quickly broken.

To take over a pride equals blood and death. The resident Lion King won’t go down without a fight. Thus, if you are going to overcome obscurity and stay top of mind, the industry leaders won’t be part of your cheer leaders. Business is War!!!!

How do you overcome obscurity and stay top of mind. You need the 3Cs, and these are:

1. Content (capacity, capability, skills, strategy, tactics etc).
2. Collaboration (partners, cooperation, mentors, strategic alliances, structure etc).
3. Community (market share, customers, distribution channel, system etc)

The male Lion with strategic partners usually spend about 2 years in exile before they are able to take over a pride. It might take longer for a single Lion.

We all face the challenges of obscurity and not being top of mind. These limits us from accessing the 3Rs. But with the proper implementation of the 3Cs, our chance of success is higher.

We can take this conversation further and one on one as regards the specific 3Cs you need for your industry.

I’m always at your service.

Business is War, dominate dominate dominate!!!!

King Olulu, not from Zulu.

Building capacity in people using words and poetry.

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