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IDENTITY by Saint Rhymes


I slam,
Therefore I am.
I am the spoken word,
Spoken forth to bring forth
Words Of Wisdom,
Not just to W.O.W you with
My Wit Of Words,
But to make you Wiser,
Cos my words makes the blind hear wisdom and see understanding.

More than a Prophet,
I am a Prophecy.
More than a Poet,
I am Poets Tree.
More than the Present,
I am the future you see.
My boast is no Fallacy,
Cos I know who I am.
Do you know who you are?

I am the Thoughts of many Teachers
I am the reflection of several rays
I am a mixture of many colours
A collage of plenty pictures, I am.
Most of all, I am a product of the All-Wise-One

Now let’s take the focus off I,
Cos I am thinking of you now.
Do you really know who you are?
Or do you suffer from the prodrome of identity crisis, Right now?

Let no one define you,
Save the one who designed you,
I mean the one who wrote the manuscript,
So that no Man would drift away,
And get lost in the Haziness of Self Identity.
For this I say,
Ask, ask, ask Him
And be Free Forever.

Do you know who you are
I know who I am
Yes, I am Saint Rhymes

Source: https://saintrhymes.wordpress.com/2015/05/02/identity/


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