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Ibukun Ajagbe – the 14 year old poet that will slam at #WarOfWords5


Entry poem for War Of Words Season 5

Little me, sad, curious and carefree
I used to sit in my room crying like a child that just got hit by a Frisbee
Those tears came rushing like the water flow in the Atlantic Ocean
Those emotions swept me off my feer like an erosion
I was nothing but motionless
No lotion could beautify my heartless heart
Not even Kevin Hart and his acts of comedy could dissolve this pain in my heart
I used to skip games with friends and stay home alone in tears
You could say I lived in self denial
It’s amazing how people change
When people let you down
And how that happy face turns into a drastic frown
Seeing this broken down girl in this collage
Corralled up with no form of happiness
Because loneliness hurts
It kills deep inside like an ebola disease but the only cure to my disease is love
Loneliness makes you feel empty
It stops your pride from coming alive
The truth is
I cry myself to sleep
Hugging my pillow so tight
Wishing for someone to hold me through the night
But I always knew love will come find me someday
But never did I know it was you who was headed my way
You caught me off guard and took me by surprise
You simply captivated me the same way you do when I look into your eyes
It seems to good to be true
I guess that’s why I’m so connected to you
I feel like we’re neutron stars collapsing under our own gravity which is love
It’s true that every good and perfect gift comes from above
You were presented to me as a beautifully packaged gift
Full of humor, talent, intelligence, a heart to love and a heart for God
Now you might begin to wonder
Isn’t this all exaggeration?
How can a little girl, you say, know so much about love at this age…it’s impossible
Well correct me if I’m wrong cause I’m about to prove you wrong
I’d use this metaphorical phase as I go on
A lot of us use the word “I love pizza”
But can you feel pain while taking those slices?
True love is filled with pain and although its paradoxic
I believe you must feel pain to love sometimes
We both know that I’m right
I believe this is true love not just a strong attraction that unknowingly made me fall into a trance that made it seem like love
Because when you love someone
It drives you to the point you question if it’s real
The feeling is so surreal
When you start questioning, it leads to doubt
Like “will it last?”
Cause there’s a social belief that good things don’t last
That doubt brings a sort of conscious or unconscious pain
As they said in tfios
“You can’t have the rainbow without the rain”
So love is my anaesthesia to this pain
I fell in love like you would fall asleep
Slowly,then all at once
Now I rejoice in this change
Because that change has come
Where I no longer have to feel sad or lonely
Because of this lasting effect that keeps me comfy
I pray to God that this lasts for eternity
Cause this change is all i need to be content
I hope this precious moments last forever
Cause like a cinderella story, our happy ending will be remembered
Thanks to this change that made me recover
They say love is limited
I say true love is everlasting



Name: Ibukun Ajagbe
Age : 14
DOB : 31 August
School : Joyceville college
Class : SSS 2
Future Ambition : Spoke Word artist



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