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I wouldn’t change your life by Kelechi Kalu, ANIMN


I wouldn’t change your life
Just because I am a new year,
If you lead the life you led in twenty nineteen
A million wish of happy new year notwithstanding,
You did still be Nineteen and standing.

There are decisions to make
As there are positions to take
And most likely changes to make
May be a few habits to kick
Far reaching action to take
For some creamy candies to lick.

I know you may not like this
But the truth is always like this
Bitter and rarely sweet
If you don’t spend more efforts on worthwhile feat
And drop lazy activities sixty feet.

Except entertainment is your trade
It makes none financially fit
No prophecies alone will
No nice night dreams will
Nor positive mouth prattles still
No bogus resolutions or grand plans alone will
Where unintelligently directed actions kill
Hard work, smart thoughts and honest efforts still.

Ye mighty men and women of Linkedin
Gird your swords, spears and shields
Mix your blood, sweat and sand
Defend your walls and gates like warriors of old
Fight for your spouses and loved ones
Fight for your generations unborn
And write your names in the sand of immortality.



Kelechi Kalu, ANIMN

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