Tiny footsteps as if I’m dancing to a beat

Making it soft

Like a river caresses its shores

Telling you this is lifelong

That I am certainly sure

Nothing ever so pure, has ever been found

Patience has a syllabus

Including a chapter called whatever goes around comes around

Reaching a tipping point

Approaching edges, to stare at your fears in the face

Knowing you are human

Because you’ve experienced defeats


As a surprise,

As a means to disappoint

Those who confirmed you’re stuck at a dead end

Reaching a bend

And calling it a turning point

Putting the pieces back together

While accepting all of life’s task is solving riddles and puzzles

I have found you,

Stuck on the threshold of greatness

Willing to be the evidence

And then asking you to vote for me,

Allow me bear witness

Your smiles, your laughter

They are my strength, and they get me high

And being high is my weakness

So weak I’m tolerant of your faults

So high, I am focused on your vaults

That coven of riches

For which your beauty fronts

That bundle of goodness

Which seduces trust

That voice of yours, which dares

And confronts my guts

I’m doing it bit by bit

Not seen caressing your soul

But here I am at your feet

I am preempting your words

Because you are close enough to make whispers shy

I think always of you as a queen

Because your royalty is your twin

Walking so lightly, as if the winds provide buffer between your soles and the earth

Watching your beauty in deeds, realizing then that there’s soul in every classic art

I am doing this for the concrete, from a which a rose emerges

Doing it for a future, which others can only imagine

I am doing this for you

Such life in this love

That qualifies you as the love of my life

Too much milk for a sour past

We desired a change of cast

I’m doing this bit by bit

Words off my tongue, deeds off my heart

Nothing I can repeat

Something I hope to see to its end

But can never hope to finish

I am doing this bit by bit

Fetching water from the oceans

Because every day you need a bath

Showers of love for which joy is a catch

Never forgetting to say there’s more from where this comes

Daring you to see what happiness becomes

Seeing a smile on your face

Knowing it’s the symbol for triumph

You saying you’ve never been loved this way

Me, replying this is just for today

That’s there’s more tomorrow

Daily doses of sweetness from the beats of my heart

It has come to you in bits

Because it’s how we define forever…



Source: http://loudthotzpoetry.blogspot.com.ng/2016/12/poems-read-at-loudthotz-poetry-open.html

Picture Source:  https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/headshrinkers-guide-the-galaxy/201502/anne-lamott-blogging-and-psychotherapy

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