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I see her…!!!! by Cyra


I looked into her eyes. They were cold, but they held something powerful, not evil but good. I watched as her hands slid slowly from the long tower she had as a neck, it was perfect, and strong. Her fingers brushed slightly against her lips, lips that had perfect cracks, I could see the blood in them. Why did she have cracked lips on this diamond face?

Her lips, they never stopped speaking only good of people. Those lips were the fountains from which wisdom flowed. Those lips didn’t just look good to kiss they had something that couldn’t be taken in just in a moment.

I watched as she turned her delicate head towards the right. Her head which had so much knowledge on everything; it held information from the smallest to the most important things, never missing a detail, never missing a moment.

She was beautiful, but there was more to her, more to her than just her physical appearance.

Then I heard her heart cry out to me, cry out to the world.

Love me for who I am, not what I appear to be. Because the sweetest parts of my soul is deep within me, take time to know me and to savour everything I have to offer. For, I am more than the pink of my lips, more than the sultry twist of my waist. Take time to know me.

I watched again, keenly this time as her hands slid down from her neck, down from her chest all the way through her stomach, her meticulously laid out landscape, her stomach. I watched as her cedar arms slid down her hips, those glorious curves, curves that made the world shake beneath and behind her.

And again, I heard her soul cry to me, to the world.

There’s more to me than my hips, perfect I see them. But there is more to them. They hold the strides of a great leader, one step and another, they twist and turn and lead me to where I would rule. There’s more to me than my curves.

I watched her again, this time she was still, she was looking into my eyes, eyes that had the wrinkles of the melodious and ecstatic laughter of hers, I loved to hear her sing and play the strings with those long delicate fingers she had. I looked into her core, she was crying to me, accept me– accept all of me. Tell the world there is more to me.

Her height was amazing, she stood high and tall like the queen she was born to be. And slowly I watched her walk towards me.

She said; love me with your whole being. Love everything I have to offer.

The pleasure of my company, enjoy it.

The everlasting friend you can find in me, embrace her.

The steadfast lover and companion, who would always be your alibi, let me love you.

The beautiful art strokes and curves my hands would draw across your heart; let the artist in me excel in you.

The songs, God gave me to sing, open your ears and your heart; let my music elude you.

Laughter, all of it; I will give to you, let me in.

For there is more to me than my beauty, more to my body than the lustrous rise of my behind, the slippery curves that my hips take, the valley my stomach goes down through.

There is a friend in me.

There is a companion in me.

There is untold talent in me.

Talent waiting for you to release.

As I stood before the mirror I saw her, I saw her in me.

She told me to tell you; there is more to me, more to me than my physical appearance. I’m telling you, to love and accept me as the friend I was sent into your life to be. Don’t lust after me; you’ll only ruin what I was sent to do in your life. I would be a helper as long as it’s safe for me to remain in your life.


NOTE ABOUT THIS WRITEUP – this piece came or rather was inspired by my need for my male friends and female friends as well to see me as I am. Sometimes I get tired of hearing that I’m beautiful or I have the largest hips and what not. I want to be a friend. A true friend you can fall back to and know that I’ve got you. And it’s also a piece to females who are too obsessed with how they look physically. I feel there’s more to us, than our beauty. Have you tried being a friend? Have you tried learning things you can do with your hands? Have you read books that’ll grow your inner person? There’s more to life than the latest lipstick and eyebrows, babe, there’s more to you.

With, love







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