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I made my wife cry twice.

First time was 2 months to our wedding when I told her I had spent my whole savings for the wedding i.e. N500, 000, to publish a magazine (F-Factor Mag) that I had started with my friends/ business partners. She cried and all I could offer her were words about my dreams and vision. Well, she married me.

Second time I made her cry was about 2 years after our wedding when I told her I would leave banking for poetry. She thought I was crazy, and wondered why a seemingly sane young man would want to leave security for uncertainty.

To get into the groove of things, I started to introduce myself as a poet. But the next question from people was, is that all you do? What is your real job?
People don’t believe being a poet is all you need to be to make a living.

Well, we intend to change all that. No, I don’t plan to go from stage to stage, State to State, performing. There is more to do than being on stage. It is an industry not an act, because we have Poetry event management, Poetry promotion, Poets management, merchandising, ring back tones, mobile apps, Poetry reality show, Poetry schools, Poetry productions, Poetry TV and Radio shows and so much more.

But why not the stage? After all, the stage is where all the action is, limelight and all. Well, we don’t need the limelight to shine, when the poets shine, we shine. Besides, kings come and go, but kingmakers are rarely, if ever, dethroned or run out of tenure.

Does my wife still think I am crazy? Yep, she does. But she now walks with me, side by side, hand in hand towards this crazy poetic vision.


Olumide Holloway (King Olulu, not from Zulu)

Building capacity in people using words and poetry


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