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I lay waste to Mario Puzo, I’m the Godfather now!!! – The line that won the WORD WAR


The Victory Speech by Wayne Samuel

I was the lone wolf going up against the pack. But the Alpha and Omega had my back. Don’t get it twisted, Jesus did it. Cfi Ekenwan groomed it.

Where to start, at the beginning I guess.

Shout out to Chioma Okereke and Phillip who convinced me to write my first spoken word piece ever.

The mother that birth me and borrowed me her earpiece for the slam Suziette A Ukey. Love you!!

Thanks to Olumide King Olulu Holloway for being the visionary that put this together. I hope to one day break up with the radio and television so that I Too can Ex Media. Thank you guys for the investment in this art form, we will not forget you.

Paul Word Uma I hope you’re holding up alright bro. You taught me in the first semi-final the importance of having people in your corner.

Toby Abiodun who in the first round ended with a line ‘rest in piss’ which I intended to use in the last line of my last round forcing me to come up with a new closer on the spot. Freezing Paul, Oluwa Seun Tiwistar, Ajijola Habib, The igbo guy that looked like he wanted to murder everybody. The top 5 who made it so that I who came fully clothed had to unbutton my collar, take off my wrist watch, and pull up my sleeves. I didn’t want this to be easy, and you all took my wishes too far, lol. Thank you.

My boss Asake Oloyede who caught me rehearsing as I worked in the studio, but didn’t stop me. Xo lol

Joseph Dewal Jegede, Sam De Poet, the whole Creative Writers Club for at one point or the other being the wind that kept the fire burning.

Mrs. Atilola (I hope I got that right) who seems to be the only one who fully gets and appreciates my craft.

Solomon Elohor Abe and the entire Nyimmar movement that showed me why poetry matters.

For anyone who at any point or time told me I was the reason they got into listening to spoken words. I don’t write for the audience but if I ever do, it will be for you.

Graham Garrick , the entirety of JINUS, folks who keep drawing my attention back to this particular form.

For those who believe in me to the point of fanatism, for those who don’t. I appreciate you both, the fire that keeps me running and the bath that humbles me.

Ultimately, and this is not religious jargon, the God who never flips the script or changes his act despite all my drama. This is one speck of dust towards the mountain I’m building for you. Love you Dad.

Watch this space Monday, I got tracks coming. #TheGodfather out.


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