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I have come by Nathaniel Increase


I have come
Sinner at the sacred temple,
Prodigal beyond redemption.
I’ve come to pray
I’ve come, a confession to make
I’ve come to break
my heart
Upon this altar.

I have come
Lost sheep seeking shepherd
Penitent fallen from grace.
I’ve come to plead
I’ve come, an appeal to make
I’ve come to offer
My nothingness
The lamb I slaughter.

I have come
Azazel at the sanctuary
Outcast craving acceptance.
I’ve come to commune
I’ve come, my folly to profess
I’ve come to give
My emptiness
And again be sent into neglect.

I have come
Lost coin in the belly of the Fish
Widow’s mite lost beneath the shelves.
I’ve come to bargain
I’ve come, my shame to purchase
I’ve come to devote
My worthlessness
Will you call your friends and neighbours?


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