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I Have A Dream


I have a dream
I can see it so clear
Almost like a film
Only its not so rare
Not like Luther’ I fear
Not whites with blacks
In the same sacks
Eating and drinking
At the same table.
My dream is simple-
To see black and black
Bend their backs
And get to work
With love in their hearts
And hope in their mind
To see blacks all over the land
Unite for common good
And secure the future
For generations yet unborn.

I dream of a new nation
Flowing with milk and honey
Free for all to share and enjoy
A land of peace and stability
Where hard work and honesty
Are essential virtues!
From the Niger to the Sahara
Across Rwanda and Uganda
Down to the sunny city of cape town
All around the globe
Every where black is represented!
Then I will smile and say-
I’m proud am black
A Nigerian without apologies!

Yes! I have a dream.

Copyright © Adeshina Aladeshawe

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