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I Don’t Want to Write a Poem.


I don’t want to write a poem

Since poems aren’t meant for MEN.

Men drink their pain away in whiskey every night

And smoke their sadness pretending to be all right.

You ask what brings this pain and sadness.

What instance was it? What madness?

Well just guess and I bet with the first try you’ll find it.

Yes, of course! What else. My woman, not anymore, was it.

And I am trying to avoid all my friends

But stuck I am with all their clichés.

You’ll forget her. She doesn’t deserve you or even worst

Don’t worry. It’s ok. She will regret it and it’s her loss.

That’s why the whiskey I love.

Lost I am in this dark bar.

To the always nice songs from the 80s listening.

They don’t really help. Who am I kidding?

My chest, my lungs is squeezing.

It hurts so much, even the breathing.

And at the end I know that I myself became the cliché.

My feelings for her so stupidly in this trap led.

I didn’t want to write a poem

Since poems aren’t meant for MEN

And this unbearable pain in a poem I ended up writing

Until I wake up one day and go back on living.



  1. Being a man

    If being a man
    Means I’m always strong
    That I never cry
    That I always drive
    That I can hold my drink
    That I can beat you
    That you look after the kids
    That you do the housework
    While I fight other men

    & I don’t want to be a woman,
    Can I be something else?

    C Rae Desmond Jones

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