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I BLEED #WarOfWords6 by ugbana-awaji finomo aka Inny


I Bleed
Not because of the shards that still my heart pierce
Nor because of the dreams I once thought were in reach
For the picture of my nation is painted with the blood gotten from my arteries the colour of my veins
For the graduate whose mother sold pepper so that she could get an education is now a call-girl
Because no job without a godfather
And she does what she can to make their lives better
But you see they put the God with the father
For us to understand that without them we can’t stand better
So you see a thirty-three year old who had distinctions eight years back in school
Still scouring the streets for a job
With his only experience being the national youth service
Or if you’re lucky to get a job
Your salary is spent before it comes
Because the government has not paid for one, two. . . five months

I Bleed
Not for the reason those up north bleed
For they are murdered in cold blood
Their lifespans cut short
And the government does naught
When the police that are meant to bring ease
Are the very same that kill the peace
When we produce energy
But I haven’t seen electricity in eons
And my generator stays on
While the price of fuel keeps going up
When the fish sold at the market place
Which is gotten from the sea right beside me
Is sold to me at an exhorbitant rate
Because of the dollar rate
Wait! is the fish imported too?
When those with mouths to feed work for a better future for their children
A future that might never come because the price of food keeps going up
And they have to find new means
Or watch their stomachs get mean

I Bleed
When I was young I was thought that the youth are the leaders of tomorrow
But as I have grown older
I have come to realize that the leaders of yesterday
Are the leaders of today
And probably the leaders forevermore
Because the word Nigeria has become synonymous with hope
Hope for food
Hope for jobs
Hope for a standard
I Bleed Green
What do you bleed?

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