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I Am NOT a NERD! By Lirim Ramosaj


Question: What’s a “nerd?”
Well…according to Webster’s dictionary:
“A derogatory term for a person who is intellectually
knowledgeable or bright, but socially inept.”
“Socially Inept??!” SOCIALLY INEPT????!
Trust me…I am NOT “socially inept!
I do have friends who come from all walks of life!
And they are not “imaginary friends” or cosmic beings from
another solar system!
Or Galactic cells from the Planet “Nerdo”!
I do not have a subscription to “NERD MAGAZINE”!
Or watch “NERD TV” on some cable channel that only “nerds”
would know where to find.
I do not go to NERD Conventions…where a bunch of guys are
walking around wearing goofy glasses and talking “nerd-
To impress each other with their high-tech-short-hand-coded
Nor do I go around wearing shirts with ink pens sticking out of
the pockets!
Do you know how hard it is to get a ink blot out of a shirt?
If I was a “nerd”….I wouldn’t care!
Just because I play video games
Like..Far cry…Minecraft…fallout…Assasins Creed.
That’s not “nerdy”…that’s “waaaavvvy!”
Yeah! Man!
I am not a nerd because I like to hear
The click…click…click…of my mouse….
As I destroy mutants with my plasma weapon on my screen!
(Boing! Ping! Bang! Pow!) “Gotcha!”
And scoring points that range from a hundred thousand to a
million plus!!
Making it past…the fifth and sometimes…tenth levels!
I’m not a nerd
Because when I play….
I feel like a lone wanderer….a dynamic soldier…and the “best
hope for humanity”….
While I roam the wastelands….seeking out my enemies in order
to bring peace to the galaxy and to the worlds beyond!
If I was a “nerd”…
Then ask yourself this question….
Would a “nerd” laugh at a joke that has nothing to do with the
If I was a “nerd”…would I have friends ranging from all
colors…all races and from all different cultural backgrounds?
Discussing how can we solve the social ills of our communities?
If I was a “nerd” would I’d be willing to step out of “the box”
Willing to take chances and explore common regions….
Or every day conversations with anyone who crosses my path?
Would I be willing to care about the well-being of those around
Or be sensitive enough to step in to help a friend in a dire
If I was a “nerd”….I would care less because it would be all
about MY
Intellectual world…of micro-chips….computerized technology…
And trying to live up to the legacy of Steve Jobs….
Whom I sure….people thought he was a “nerd” too!
But frankly….I don’t care if people think I’m a weirdo…or a
“nerd” for that matter….
I’m pretty sure they thought the same thing about Mark
Zuckenberg …
Laughing and teasing him non-stop….
But after FACEBOOK and the billions he’s made….who’s
laughing now?
So if that makes me a “nerd”?
Who cares!
I’m still always going to be me!

Source: http://innovation.ed.gov/2013/11/15/virtual-poetry-slams-deliver-multiple-benefits-for-urban-youth/


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