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As soft as the sun when it sets
Eyes on the rest
Or a trip to the west
A place where it’s about to rise
I am going soft
As soft as how a surprise turns a heart
Smiles springing forth from nowhere
Dimples telling the world, I’m now here
The hug
A communion of souls
The voice, the laughter
Tears of joy summoned from the rafter
I am going soft
As soft as a careful walk
So soft it has to be silent
When words break away from the tongue
Osundare says they become un-gatherable
So soft we abandoned words because we ran out of sweet fables
So soft
Words unspoken delivered the message in whole
So soft, hyperbole became sin
I am going soft
As soft as eight letters and three words
I am seeing well
But cannot see the cords
Which ties and binds
And reminds a man his journey isn’t complete without her
I am going soft
As soft as the winds
When it persuades leaves to travel with it
So soft like verses probing the soul
As soft as the river caressing the shores
So soft as the pathways to a crab’s hole
I am going soft
As soft as darkness tenderly waiting for light
As soft as I become
When I speak into your ears
So soft, your eyeballs are telling tales of life being easy
As soft as a bed becomes
When a day gets tired of being busy
I am going soft
A journey into the wild
A place of no return
The roundabout
Me and you
Like love for a city in which your soul is buried
Even when asleep, your soul continues caring
I am going soft
As soft as a Friday
Wheeling you towards rest
As soft as when meeting a gaze ignites your interest
So soft like salt dissolving in water
As soft as affections pulling the spirit
As soft as love takes sight from the eyes
As soft as the sky becomes, when you get high
As soft as a bird’s descent
So soft like a recent memory
As soft as quickened hearts in the journey towards harmony
I am going soft
Towards harmony of minds and spirit
A submission of dreams and a merging of ambitions
I am soft
Like flowers oozing fragrance
As soft as tears of a sinner seeking penance
As soft as the shine on a pendant
I become soft
When you ease into thought
As soft as hurt feels
As soft as water is on leaves
I am going soft
Promises are berthed often
Deliveries are not so subtle
For the less that life often settles
By you I am privileged to be subdued
To pour water on fumes
Splash laughter on feuds
Realize bliss has its perfume
I am made soft
By my eyes
As much they have seen
Which recoils a soul to not submit to tongue
I am going soft
Slow but steady as I walk
No tapes to breast because this isn’t about speed
It is not all affections
Because life feeds on varieties
I am going soft
Conditioned by reality
Inspired by dreams…



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