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I am Baga.


I could not count the number on my fingertips
My teacher never taught me to count that much
Was it counted with a faulty calculator?

Mummy why did you scream last night?
Cece, came to me in my dreams
She said she’s not coming back anymore
I don’t know why she was covered in dye

Mummy why is daddy not here
Why hasn’t your eyes stoped making tears
Mummy why are there many shoes outside
Why did uncle’s face had a scar

Mummy who brought home daddy’s car
Where is JoJo and her mum
Her sheepish smiles and innocent eyes
Will I ever play with those again?

Mummy why are still many sleeping?
Deep enough to ignore the flies?
Why is the colour of the Sand red?
Why is my name now a hash-tag?

Mummy I did see fireworks
I saw mushroom in the clouds
Who were the people celebrating
Why are there no drums

Mummy is god angry with us?
Why did thunder tear down our house?
Mummy why did lolo ran naked
Isn’t she supposed to cover her Shame?

Especially when the men came?
Mummy why didn’t you let me play
The game of police and thief
They had toys you didn’t buy for me

Mummy you have stopped crying
But why aren’t you moving
What did they do to you
When they entered the room?



Adetimilehin Vic’Adex Inioluwa

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