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I am a prisoner.


by Adedayo Adeyemi Agarau

I was defiled
By the flow of the street.

Lost. Found.
But found by the rhythms
Of The puffs I sniff.

No free education.
Hooliganism is a craft to learn too.

Soon, cuffed
By the trade of picks and pluck.
A mastery at out-smarting.

I started breaking bottles
To hit the pages of the dailies.

Machete raising-
Man slaughtering.

They forgot me on the street of hustle
But needed my strength with fights to bustle.

We both were avarice.

I killed them, he ordered me to
Stole their ballots too
Not for money, a better future for all.

He failed!

I smoked the indiana
To shake away my pain
Yet, my puffs still have the blood in its veins.

I macheted him
Plucked his heart.


Judged by the same men
That begged for a deal.

Jailed! For life!

Pathetic Law enforcers!

I’m a prisoner now.

But I wonder who
Shall jail them.
Those who took our future
And drank it like a wine
Into their bellies of greed.

I am a prisoner
What say I’ve I owned?

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