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Consumed by flames of ignorance
Coconuts receive awards for their brains
Rats play the tune for the pipers to dance
While our young voices scream in vain

Consumed by flames of foolishness
We build rails but acquire no trains
Drowning in rivers of hopelessness
We place baskets in the rain

Is it fear? Caution? Or just fate?
Someone please explain
For when dirt is heaped on our plates
We sing and complain in refrains

Consumed by flames of rage
Our deeds are recorded with pain
Humanity stumbles into a new age
With a world laden with Cains

Consumed by flames of blind faith
We count material riches as gains
With muddled up feelings of love and hate
We burn again and again and again

What a strain!


Source: http://loudthotzpoetry.blogspot.com.ng/2015/10/poems-read-at-loudthotz-poetry-open.html


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